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Dr Mihai Giurcanu Dr Mihai Giurcanu

I received my PhD in 2007 from the University of Florida, I have an MA in Applied Statistics and Optimization (2000) and a BA in Mathematics from University of Bucharest. I am currently a Research Associate Professor at University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences.

My research interests lie in computational intensive methods and oracle inference for low and high dimensional models with independent and dependent observations. In my research, I put emphasis on theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of my proposed methods.

From the theoretical point of view, I am concomitantly interested to develop new methods of proof and to extend existing methods of proof adapted to the statistical problem under investigation.

From the methodological point of view, I am interested in computational aspects of my proposed methods as well as in their small sample performance. I develop an R package for each proposed statistical method and I write supplementary material in which I document the main algorithms implemented in the package.

From the practical point of view, I write an R vignette (included in the package) with the analysis of a real-world data set to illustrate concrete applications of the proposed methods in practice.